Children’s Physiotherapy Helpline East and Midlothian Children’s Physiotherapy Helpline

TEL: 0131 446 4144

This helpline runs twice a week and is open to parents and professionals to discuss physio concerns with relation to a child’s neurodevelopment. They would be happy to be contacted by parents that need advice or reassurance but for whom a full physiotherapy assessment is not indicated.

To seek advice or to discuss a child with them please phone Musselburgh Primary Care Centre on 0131 446 4144 Mondays and Thursdays from 9am to 11am.

Discussions are confidential and personal detail need not be shared. If a request for assistance is advisable you will be asked to complete their written form.

Anyone can ring, if you would like to speak to a Physiotherapist for advice. You do not need to go to your GP or school to access this service.